Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Yard: Sod Take 2

This was the first shot I took and at this point I didn't know how I was going to get the rest of the sod to my house and put it down. The neighbors put down sod over the old sand volleyball court and the guy overestimated quite a bit. We of course asked for the extra sod and it was much more than I expected. Unfortunately, I it was just me and a lot of sod. The picture above shows what my friend Janine's husband Aaron put down as I moved what I could. We decide to put it right over the old grass and I have every intention of using the Lawn Doctor again this year (skipped a year since we pulled out the entire lawn of fox tails).

It's done! Wait, what?! How did I do that?! Well as it turns out, the guy that did the sod next door needed to clear the driveway so he offered to help me move it to my house. I tried to have him just put it in the yard for me but he kept throwing it down right where it went with a quick kick to unroll it and it was right where it needed to be. He couldn't not drop it in the right place. You know, when you are that good?! Ha ha. Don't worry, I thanked him a lot and in exchange cleaned the neighbors driveway for him so he could leave.

These two spots were an afterthought. I had so much sod that I decided to go with a smaller patio space and also put some next to the house. I couldn't decide what was going there anyway and love my decision to do the sod. That pot doesn't go there. I may put more stones or some gravel by the steps. You also can't see in the other pictures but next to this patio against the house will be a small deck under the window. I left that open. I am also super excited to finally finish the stone patio and get the deck in now. It's all coming together!

**Also put about a 6x6 patch in the front yard. Yeah, that much sod! I plan to help Dan anyway I can when I see him checking on the neighbor's lawn in the spring.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

House: Kitchen Faucet

My sink had been driving me crazy. I put the older faucet in many years ago and at the time it was way higher than the previous faucet. Not high enough! It was such a pain to fill pots and due to the years of hard water build up (yes, I cleaned it off with CLR often) it recently became hard to swivel back and forth. I thought I was stuck with it because technically, it still worked. Then I noticed that it was corroding where it swiveled. YAY!

I wasn't sure if I would like the single handled faucet and didn't even think it would work since I had a 3/4 hole sink. I went back and forth until I tried a friend's a few times and it really grew on me. I found an inexpensive one at Lowes and then stumbled on the same one at Wal-Mart for a few dollars cheaper! Score! I wanted the soap dispenser so much! The sprayers never seem to work after a few months.

It was super easy to install all by myself and it was done in about an hour. I absolutely love my new faucet and soap dispenser!!

**You'll notice in the last picture the reconfiguration of the plumbing I did several years ago. The previous set up looked like a maze.