Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our New Best Friend - Dr. Youtube

We have had some circulating problems around here. Mick came with "allergies" and so he is on prescription food and in the mean time Max had gotten some sort of a bug and then starting having allergy symptoms. I took him to the vet and that is what they treated him for. After my 2nd time getting the allergy shots and antibiotics that seemed to wear off way too early I decided to look into it myself. It was getting expensive and we weren't getting the results I wanted.

I took Max off the antibiotics and started treating him from the inside out for a yeast infection. After all, he had all of the symptoms which are very similar to allergies and he's never had allergies like this before. So of course, I don't believe it is allergies. I put him on a specific dog food that will not feed the yeast and I feed him plain yogurt and coconut oil. I like to use the coconut oil on his skin too but it is difficult. He loves it and you'd think I was rubbing him down with bacon grease.

Max has been improving. I got his weight back up and his ear hematoma has gone away just like this guy said in the video. We had it drained once and then it came back and the next option was surgery. I'm glad I found this because it was so true. See video below:

Today I decided to treat them both to an ear wash. I had everything but the Hydrocortizone and the Aspirin and the Antihistamine so I went out and got it. I did both dogs at once so that I didn't have to redo the mixture each time. I used a blue bulb syringe and it worked just fine. It turns out Mick wasn't too happy about his one ear so it's good I did him too. I didn't even realize he was having a problem. They are now napping and it looks like they're feeling good. See video below:

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