Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Knit. Rickrack Rib

I originally found this pattern on Purlbee but the instructions were written and with pictures and I kept messing up because I wasn't understanding them correctly. I turned to Youtube and found the answers after starting over at least 10 times. Then of course I would forget which direction I was going because I forgot to make a mental note of the obvious. I am not starting over again. I've got it down.

I'm having a lot of fun with this pattern. It's simple (even though I said I don't do patterns). The scarf is loose and stretchy. I am using size 15 US wooden needles and there are 25 stitches on the needles using the Long Tail cast on.  

The yarn was found at a yard sale so aside from doing the yarn and needle test I have no idea which needles I'm supposed to use. I can't be bothered with that (T3). I will knit it until it's gone so this may just be a short collar type scarf with a button. I guess we'll see. I love the chunky look and the color (also T3).

Here's the Youtube video I used.

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