Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter Storm

We got just a little bit of snow the other night. It was about 8 inches. This is the overall picture of what I had to clean up. It rained hard all morning on Friday and then it started snowing and snowing... around 8pm I heard the first crack and so I moved the trash can into the street to prevent anyone from parking under our brittle tree. I didn't even think to move my car to the other driveway.

Then, while I was in my stamp room on the computer I heard another odd noise. Some wires broke of the house and fell to the ground in the back yard. We're pretty sure they're just cable and phone. Two particular lines that happen to be disconnected.

Here are the pics. Some of these were taken at 1am and the rest at 7am. You should be able to tell the difference:

At 1am I was in bed asleep (finally) and I heard what sounded like thunder. There had been thunder earlier in the day but I knew it wasn't thunder this time. So I got up and looked outside. Another branch and this time a BIG one!

It hit the house first and then my car! Nice. All I could do was take pictures and go back to bed. I didn't sleep well. I kept getting up and looking outside.

Their were 2 branches that landed on the car and the one was HUGE. Of course you can't tell from the pictures. That's how it always is.

I took more pictures for insurance reasons and then got to work on moving the branches off of the sidewalk. The fence slat popped off but was not broken in any way so it got screwed right back on.

The lantern wasn't so lucky. It got hit sometime between 3 and 7am. We lost 5 large branches and many other little ones. Some are stuck up in the tree still. Overall, it was a scary experience but mostly because of the fear of what I was going to find when I got those branches off may car.

Oh wait, about that. The neighbors across the street came over to help me put my plan into action. After much thought I decided it was best to have the branches lifted and for me to back my car out. That is what we did. Four of them, two grown strong men and two women. Thanks to the several inches of snow on my car and that the house broke it's fall, my car came through without a scratch! Awesome.

Here's a picture I took of the street (facing north). Check out the trees all bent. I heard lots of cracks and saw lot of poofs while I was cleaning up. Luckily our tree is a soft wood so clean up was easy. That doesn't mean I don't ache though.


  1. Wow! It looks like the limbs didn't only snap, but flipped completely over! The wind must have been a big part of the equation... Heavy snow and micro-burst winds are quite the combination against the leaves burdened 'fall' trees! Think. Actual 'winter' isn't even close... Well, at least that is over. Could have been much worse!

  2. Amazing pictures. It looks like you had more snow but I think the trees on your street must be bigger than over here. You are so lucky! You have some great pictures to digitally scrap.