Friday, December 28, 2012

Pinterest Fail - Balloon Ice Balls

I saw this on Pinterest originating from Homestead and Survival (the actual link page no longer exists, hmmm) and thought it would be fun to try. It simply says to fill balloons with water and food coloring and put them outside to freeze in the winter. Then you remove the balloon and get pretty colored ice balls for a fun outdoor winter decor. NOT!

I filled one balloon with food coloring (FIRST) and water and set it outside to freeze. Mind you I live in Utah and the weather has been quite wintery this year. We got a lot of snow and cold and after a few days it seemed to have frozen. As you can see in the picture above though, it will have a bubble so I tried to turn it over and POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only about 1/4 of the water had frozen. I barely touched it and it burst! Red water everywhere and some serious disappointment that this did not work and a big mess. Where do these people live that it froze all the way through!? Okay so AFTER that week it got quite cold and had been below freezing temps for weeks but I have no desire to try again. Besides, it's not often that it gets THAT cold here. Pinterest FAIL!

Back dated to actual time that photo was taken.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Up all night?!

I finished all but the last one of the DIY series by Jennie Bentley. They were good. So now I need the last book of that series too. My list is of last books is building. In the mean time, while browsing the stacks for books with series numbers on them I found this one. The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne

I read a little here and there and then I got about 1/2 way through (on Friday night) when I went to bed at 12AM. I did a little reading before falling asleep as usual and I read, and read, and read until I was done. When I got up to pee one last time and check the clock it was 6AM. WHAT?! I read for 6 hours straight? So not like me. I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed this book. 

Unfortunately, on Saturday I spaced my trip to the library to get the next book. I just wasn't thinking (probably from lack of sleep) and so I have been without a book all weekend AND holiday. I can't wait to go to the library in the morning for book #2.

Friday, December 21, 2012

No More Puzzle Posts

Since I do so many puzzles I decided to give them a spot on my sidebar called 2013 Jigsaw Puzzles Completed. I'll just add a tally as I complete them. The photos are simply taking up too much space in my files. 

This is the last grouping of puzzles I took a photo of but not the last one I completed in 2012. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

I was on the fence about whether or not to bother with a Christmas Tree this year. I skipped it in PA my first year out there and then found a small tree at a thrift store for $3 the following year so I had no excuses and by then I was feeling a little more at home.

Last week or so I pulled out a few of the items including the tree and it sat here in the living room with nothing but lights on it. I had left them on there when I shoved the tree back in it's box. I prefer a real tree but didn't want to pay for it this time around and FYI, I have just as many needles to clean up from a fake tree.

Tonight I decided to decorate it. I have been using the same ornaments for many years now and I love them. I use very small and even smaller glossy white and red shiny bulbs even when I get my big real tree, lots of white lights, some bead garland, little home made cinnamon gingerbread men, a bell for that angel and a few antique ornaments. I have about 8 of the candy canes that have been in my family quite a while and the small plastic icicles that I believe I found at a thrift store.

Here's a pic of the same tree from last year:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Puzzle Addiction






Can I just say I LOVE jigsaw puzzles?! These are all Puzzlebug (except the flowers and I didn't much like that one because the pieces weren't chopped apart correctly) and I'll say again that they are my favorite! They're small in size and yet still 500 pieces so you get the full puzzle experience in less time. It's hard to pull myself away and I have a small work table so it's better for me to have a small puzzle or I'd never get anything done!

Yesterday, I let my dad help me and he likes to put the edges together. When I started picking up pieces and reaching past him to put them right where they belong he turned to me and said, "I don't want to do it now." OOPS! Yeah, I'm that good sometimes. Crazy good. On this last puzzle I sorted out the building fronts into color stacks and let him work on all of those.

I'm officially out of small puzzles so I'll be making a trip to the Dollar Tree today to get some more.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Puzzle Tradition

This first puzzle I got at DI for .75 because I told them I wasn't going to spend $1.50 for a puzzle that only costs $1 brand new. I did it on Celia's birthday. She likes puzzle too and we do them the same way.

I decided to find out where these LPF/Puzzlebug puzzles come from. I knew I had seen them at a $1 store. Turns out it's Dollar Tree. So I hit both of the one's in my area and found them at the one just up the road from the DI. This puzzle took 1 1/2 hours to complete.

This puzzle in particular is a Panoramic as you can see. I wasn't sure if I'd like them so I only bought 2. I did the first one the night before Thanksgiving and I did this one the morning of Thanksgiving. I really like these too. They're a lot of puzzle in a little package. It's as tall as a DVD case and about 3 1/2 cases wide.

Back to the Puzzlebug since I only got 2 of the Panoramic. Same width but taller. This one was also completed on Thanksgiving Day. I bought 6 of these and the 2 Panoramic so I have plenty of puzzles to get me through the new year. YAY!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter Storm

We got just a little bit of snow the other night. It was about 8 inches. This is the overall picture of what I had to clean up. It rained hard all morning on Friday and then it started snowing and snowing... around 8pm I heard the first crack and so I moved the trash can into the street to prevent anyone from parking under our brittle tree. I didn't even think to move my car to the other driveway.

Then, while I was in my stamp room on the computer I heard another odd noise. Some wires broke of the house and fell to the ground in the back yard. We're pretty sure they're just cable and phone. Two particular lines that happen to be disconnected.

Here are the pics. Some of these were taken at 1am and the rest at 7am. You should be able to tell the difference:

At 1am I was in bed asleep (finally) and I heard what sounded like thunder. There had been thunder earlier in the day but I knew it wasn't thunder this time. So I got up and looked outside. Another branch and this time a BIG one!

It hit the house first and then my car! Nice. All I could do was take pictures and go back to bed. I didn't sleep well. I kept getting up and looking outside.

Their were 2 branches that landed on the car and the one was HUGE. Of course you can't tell from the pictures. That's how it always is.

I took more pictures for insurance reasons and then got to work on moving the branches off of the sidewalk. The fence slat popped off but was not broken in any way so it got screwed right back on.

The lantern wasn't so lucky. It got hit sometime between 3 and 7am. We lost 5 large branches and many other little ones. Some are stuck up in the tree still. Overall, it was a scary experience but mostly because of the fear of what I was going to find when I got those branches off may car.

Oh wait, about that. The neighbors across the street came over to help me put my plan into action. After much thought I decided it was best to have the branches lifted and for me to back my car out. That is what we did. Four of them, two grown strong men and two women. Thanks to the several inches of snow on my car and that the house broke it's fall, my car came through without a scratch! Awesome.

Here's a picture I took of the street (facing north). Check out the trees all bent. I heard lots of cracks and saw lot of poofs while I was cleaning up. Luckily our tree is a soft wood so clean up was easy. That doesn't mean I don't ache though.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fatal Fixer-Upper and Tammy

Last week I finished Dead Ex by Harley Jane Kozak. Unfortunately, it was the last book of the series. I hope she writes a sequel soon.

After checking the library for some of the other books I've been waiting on I had no luck. They're still checked out or on hold. I'll just wait and hope I find them available soon. I am not a fan of the "hold" option and this is why: Sometimes, mostly, I am a slow reader and when someone puts it on hold then I am unable to renew it and I am forced to pay a fine for reading slow if I want to keep it. Not cool. Just wait your turn please or go get an e-reader and download it if you're in such a hurry.

While I wait I look for other authors. That is how I have found such great ones and I have been very thankful for this. Most recently, I did my usual routine which involves searching the library's online database for similar topics. Then I go to the library and look at the book and most of the time they don't make the cut. On Friday I eliminated all of the ones either because they just didn't suit or the first book wasn't available. I had to start over and somehow found this DIY series by Jennie Bentley. It was a WONDERFUL book! I finished it this afternoon. Yeah, that's right, sometimes I can't put one down. I can't wait to go to the library in the morning and get the next one. FYI it was a very clean book. There were maybe 2 minor cusses that I remember and not even a hint of sex. It didn't say so in the search but I would definitely call it a Romantic Mystery. I hope the next one is just as clean.

On another note, I have been watching older movies (also from the library). Mostly starring Doris Day, Cary Grant, James Garner etc. On Saturday I could only find one, the Tammy movies. I don't recall ever seeing these but I found them delightful. There's one more I need to find: Tammy and the Millionaire. It's on my list.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Puzzle - Birds

I did another puzzle a few days prior but didn't take a picture. I got this one at a thrift store the other day for $2 and got right to it. It got late and I was close to finishing so when Criminal Minds ended and Rocky began at 12am I kept going. Then Rocky ended and so did 2 more sitcoms. Before I knew it, it was 3am and I as done! It was a fun puzzle.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lint Roller Extroardinaire

I HAD this vinyl saying on the wall but as you can see, I had a good excuse to remove it and throw it away. I had been on the fence about it but this little incident with the "LINT" roller made it an easy decision. Go Mr. Sticky! Yes, that's lint, vinyl lettering AND several layers of paint. OOPS!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Remember this project? Probably not so here's a link back to the original post called Framed.

I decided to paint it black and get it on the wall. It looks great and thanks to a friend giving away a free huge plant it looks even better!

Here's a close up of the detail including the fact that I took a picture of the one spot that it looks like I missed with the paint. Whatever, it adds character.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stump removal

The other day I mentioned to my dad that I wanted to finally remove the stump from the peach tree. He said it seemed loose and I figured it just seemed that way.

Today I went out with intentions of shoveling around it and working it out by rocking it back and forth. I decided to give it a push with my foot and it fell right over. A child could have done it! So there it is, some thing I had expected to be quite a project took less than a minute. Yay! No more painting post for me. I got quite a laugh out of this. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I've been reading

Here's what I've been reading. I found Harley Jane Kozak by searching the library catalog online. I'd say I got lucky! They're fun and clean (in my opinion) romantic mysteries. I'm already on the third book and yes, it is a series. Even better! 

I am currently reading Dead Ex but I'm not picturing it because the one on the website doesn't match the cover of the one I'm actually reading. I'm picky like that. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Max and the Apple

I made this page on My Digital Studio 2 today after I decided to take pictures of Max eating an apple.

I especially love the picture in the center on the lower half where his face is scrunched and his spit is connected to the apple. Such focus.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Now that I'm back in UT I have been slowly unearthing things and going through them. Today I pulled out some pictures for my sister for genealogy and found this gem mixed in! LOVE.

This was my lap dog (or so he thought) Buster Brown. He was a German Shorthaired Viszla mix.
I will always miss him.

I took a picture of a picture and look how awesome it turned out! I need to pull out some more of him and put together a scrapbook. I think this was taken in the late 90's.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Garden Fence is Up!

Before, with the exception of that one spot that had been put up already. The old fence has been removed.

After. The old section was moved out about a foot to allow for my garden box. I need to be able to get around it and actually crouch down next to it. My brother used some wood that my dad was hoarding to make slats to match the old sections so there's half old, half new and half white, half natural. I kept the gate in about the same spot. Now I get to fill in all that space with cool plants and a pond!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hay Max!

Max LOVES to lay in the sun in the dead grass. Part of this routine involves rolling in it at some point. It has been a difficult thing to capture on film. Take a good look at his head. Usually his entire body is covered in dead grass and yes, he often comes in the house to shake it off. Lucky me.

He was very comfortable out there today and I was able to take several pictures. I even asked him to shut his eyes for the picture (because he looked up at me) and so he did. Love the grass going up his nose.

Also notice his new green and black color! Reflective.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Max!

The other day I realized that Max's 8th birthday was this month and so I finally looked it up this morning. Turns out it was 2 days ago on September 5th according to his records. We guessed a birthday because we found him.

Yesterday, before knowing it was pretty close to his birthday, I decided to brush him. I should do it more often because he actually likes it and he is sheds like crazy since it's so dry in UT. He gets fish oils when I remember to help with the problem.

Then I decided to vacuum him, he likes that too. He REALLY likes it. When I used the vacuum regularly and upright he doesn't like it so much but when I use the tube on him it's like I'm using a different piece of equipment. He also enjoys the hair dryer.

Happy Birthday Maxi!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Good Spot for a Ladder

My tomatoes are out of control! Apparently I picked a good spot for the garden. Above you see 3 tomato plants,  a freebie from that farm store I can't recall, grape tomatoes and either an Early Girl or a Big Boy. I'm not sure. Could you imagine how big they'd be if I actually watered consistently?! It is 6ft from the ground to the base of the window.

After getting a little frustrated with the tomatoes smashing the pepper plants (also huge but thanks to a tip on Pinterest to put Epsom Salts on them) I decided to improvise. The ladder has been leaning against the house all summer but it was in the wrong spot so I moved it to the garden and draped the tomatoes over it.

You don't see any red tomatoes because I have eaten them. I love Cottage Cheese and fresh tomatoes from the garden with S & P.

Also, I don't recommend leaning a ladder on the house. In fact you should lock it up if it is stored in your yard. Otherwise, it's an invitation for a burglar.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bench and Tables

I'm backing up a little with this first photo because I wanted to show the beginning of the bench. It is along the south wall and goes the entire length of the room to cover a cement ledge. Here's the framing. It's sturdy.

Now you're facing the other way and the floor is black, the wood is down and on and unpainted and the trim is off. I either forgot to take the bench picture in this direction or I meant to do it in the other direction. Oh well.

The bench is DONE. Painted, trimmed and baseboards attached. As you can also see in this picture, I got my tables. I started with different legs and they were not sturdy enough. A little too wiggly.

This will be MY work space. Clearly I have nothing to work with just yet. That is all still to be decided.

There are a few things still going on along the other wall so I'm still not ready to take a picture of the entire room. Basically there's still a lot of junk over there and the last piece of trim isn't up yet.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Heart of the Matter - Emily Giffin

This is what I'm reading now. I just picked it up on Monday. After this there will only be one book left until she writes another one and so then I'll try to get the last Mary Kay Andrews. If I still can't get that one then I'll try Katie Fforde and wait until they both release another book.