Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Long Productive Day

9:00 AM - I think today deserves a post. I woke up early and decided that since there wasn't anything on TV and it was raining that I would go to my room to read my latest book "Red Leaves" by Thomas H. Cook. While reading I was oddly annoyed by the dripping that I usually enjoy. Turns out, the dripping was in my room! That explains why I found papers stuck to the bureau a while back since I am careful not to put anything that could leak on Daddy's bureaus. Oh no! I called Dad (landlord) right away to let him know but of course that caused a war at his house and ruined his day. Sorry Dad.

9:30 AM - Celia called! It's game night at her house at 5:30PM. Yay! Little reunion with fun co-workers.

10:00 AM - Before I knew it, the electrician was arriving early. He fixed the very scary box in the kitchen and started on the garage. There was a little bit of demolition to remove some drywall and I found an old window! Yay!

12:00 PM - Max got out! Ahh! Luckily the electrician's son called his name so he thought it was Dad and ran to the basement door. I caught him there. Whew!!

1:30 PM - He was called away for another more pressing project so I cleaned the place up and it turns out he won't be returning until next week so game night is on.

2:00 PM - I cleaned up some more by using the shop vac and showered and then hung out on the internet.

4:30 PM - I decided that I just had to get some stuff on eBay today! Ahh! I hurried and took some photos and posted old eyelets, buttons, ribbon, brass template and metal tags. I was only 30 minutes late and when I arrived it didn't seem to even matter. Whew!

6:00 PM - Game night was fun. I had way too many yummy treats and we played fun card games. It was Celia and Nathan Robbins, Beckie and Steve Clark and Tina and Joe Rankin. I'm the odd ball out but they don't make me feel that way which is nice.

10:00 PM - Finally home and relaxing but the day is gone. I'm glad it was productive. I don't think I stopped moving all day. Unfortunately, I ate way too much and I didn't actually do my cardio workout today. :(

11:00 PM - I think I'm getting off of the computer. Back to the book. It is a story about a boy that was babysitting a girl that ends up missing. That's all I know so far. I'm intrigued. It is just like the TV I like. I hope I enjoy the entire book because that means I finally found an author.

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