Monday, February 20, 2017

Dog: Rest in Peace Max

Occasionally Max will fall asleep on his feet. The night before last he wouldn't lay down and this happened quite often and then all day the next day. It was a weekend so I figured out that I could get him to lay down if I locked him in his kennel. We both got some sleep.

At dinner time last night he wouldn't finish his food for the first time ever. I even tried to let him lick a spoon with a tomato based sauce on it (which he loves) an he wasn't having it. Started but stopped. I put him out and he was only able to pee. Otherwise, he just stood there and fell asleep on his feet.

It was a rough night. I put him in the kennel and hoped that he would pass in his sleep. I sat with him for a while and said my goodbyes but it looks like I will be doing that again at 3:30pm. It is President's Day so I called first thing to find out if they were open and to schedule an appointment. I guess he wants to say goodbye to Daddy too,

Now he is gone. He went peacefully. I will miss him dearly.