Friday, October 7, 2016

Hike: Squaw Peak

Mick, my hiking partner. We left at 4pm for Squaw Peak. This was taken along the Rock Canyon Trail. 

 I didn't take any pictures until I got to this point just before the meadow. It was quite the climb for me since I was pretty much doing couch to summit. I hadn't hiked for several weeks and possibly for lack of initial hydration my hip was bothering me. I pushed through though. I figured I would just go to the meadow but it was much farther than I expected.

 Finally! The meadow. So beautiful with the sun shining through. You can't even see that there were two tents over there by the sunlight.

Looking back at the trail and Buffalo Peak. The sun was going down but it was only around 6:30pm by then so I figured I might as well keep going. I made it this far right?!

 The previous two pics are of the view toward Utah Lake from two different spots on the way up. This last one is my favorite featuring the lake, Mount Timpanogos and Buffalo Peak. It was a beautiful evening.

Selfie in front of the flag (not too close) at the top of the peak at 7:15pm. My 2nd peak/summit.

Turns out from that last picture I was still about 10-15 minutes from the top at the rate I was going. I wasn't in a hurry since my hip was hurting but I should have been. As you can see the sun set fast! Ahh! I got up there with enough light to see just how high up I was and that I needed to hold on tight to Mick and lock his leash. I snapped a few pics like this to get a good one and got out of there fast. There was only a 50% charge left on my phone and I had forgotten my headlamp and spare flashlight. Big oops! We went as far as we could (just past the meadow) before I had to turn on the flashlight on my phone (no moon). It was all down hill but since this was my first time on the trail it was unfamiliar and I was slow since my legs were killing me. A few boys passed us on their way up just past the meadow but after that nobody until we got down to the Rock Canyon trail and even then it wasn't until we got down past all five bridges. Pretty much 3 miles alone in the dark. I was nervous but brave and Mick was afraid. I practically had to pull him. I had texted an acquaintance from the meadow but she didn't recognize my number and I didn't know until the fork. She met up with me for the last 1/4 mile. That was nice since my phone was about to die right about then. Thank you Julie C.! Lesson learned.

Tough hike and circumstances I put myself in but I'm glad I did it. The hike was 7 miles round trip. It took me 5 hours.

Turns out Mick's harness was pulling at the hair on is chest. It was all knotted up and caught in the straps. Poor guy. Time for a new hiking harness for sure.

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