Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dog: Max - Eye Problem

Max woke up with a swollen eye and very irritated eye. It is hard to tell in the pic but the area above his left eye is quite larger than his right one. At his trip to the vet they did a scratch check (green eye) and then gave him a steroid. It seemed to help.

A week later after I got home from a night out I came home to something very scary. Dad was watching him and he began bleeding from his eye. I opened it a little to see the source and blood shot out at me like in a horror film. We thought for sure things were dismal but it continued to bleed out and turn milky and then became mucus like from his nose.

After waiting it out and watching him he continued to act normal. He just has a drippy eye and nose now.

On another note, I really like the Banfield. They didn't have any appointments available at our usual location so we were able to get one in American Fork. I can go to any Banfield. Max is on the Senior Wellness Plan.

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