Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hike: Rock Canyon in the Fall

Since I had such a bad vibe from Rock Canyon in the past that has since been debunked I have been trying to get back up there. It's close and well populated so it's not so scary anymore. I still have a hard time with the fact that you have to hike to where the original parking lot was back in the day though. It really bugs me.

On a side note, I took the middle picture (above) to show the big rock face that I became one with back in the 90's. I went for an evening hike with a friend (people I barely knew) and we climbed up somewhere off to the right of that rock and repelled down in the dark (both faces so that's twice). I had been around repelling before but had never actually done it. This being my first time in the dark on a huge cliff that while repelling you couldn't hear the people above or below you it was a bit scary. Clearly I survived but still. I am thankful for being with responsible people even though I didn't know them.

This is the same day just a little higher in elevation looking back toward Provo. 

Up at the top where the campfire is I tried more of a 360 panoramic. Sad that I chopped off the top of the mountain over there though. This also shows the trail that continues to the Rock Canyon Campground. I have yet to go past this point. Soon.

 A closer panoramic of the same view as above. I believe that is Provo Peak in the distance. That's the mountain behind Y Mountain.

 See the trail there in the middle of the pic? This is on the way back down. The colors were breathtaking. This picture was taken facing north east I believe. I guess I should have verified with my compass (it's in my pack). Next time.

I guess this is the picture worthy bridge. Same one as above but in the other direction. The sun was going down fast.

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