Monday, September 19, 2016

Hike: Buffalo Peak

 That is were we are headed! My first peak/summit and hike with Whitney (my niece). We brought Mick along too.

Buffalo Peak is accessible from Forest Road 027. You drive up Squaw Peak Road and turn left at the "T" toward Hope Campground. Keep going until you travel quite a while on a dirt road. You will see this peak off to your right. You can park in the small parking lot to your left or keep going up the road and park on the side of the road next to the fence (that's what we did). There is a split in the fence where the trail begins. The split farther to the south.

 The meadow was beautiful. Whitney swears that there were big ugly turkey's in the meadow when we were parking the car but I didn't see them.

Whitney was really enjoying the views. I swear she used up the entire memory on her phone that she previously cleared out before she came. I supplied her with a Camelbak pack which she also really enjoyed.

 One of the other views from the top of Provo and Utah Lake. You have to walk past all of the bushes to get the unobstructed view.

 Whitney and Mick posing at the top with Squaw Peak off to the right covered in red leaves.

Our peak/summit pics. Nothing fancy up there just beautiful views in every direction. 

 On the way back down. Too bad I chopped off the top of the mountain. Either way, you can see all of the colors.

I put Mick up on the rock. It wasn't quite a cliff so I wasn't too worried and he didn't seem to care to 
move. Not a great pic but oh well. The other pic is of a horny toad. I read when researching the hike that you may see some and was very happy that I did. I love toads. Too bad I wasn't able to catch him for a proper hello.

 A few more pics from the trail on the way back. It was so beautiful. This is a very short hike and is listed as family friendly but it does get steep and rocky.

A view of Buffalo Peak on the way back down the dirt road. It really did take longer to drive up there than it did to do the hike. I hope to go again in the spring.

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