Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIY: Shower Remodel

Looking back I can't believe I put up with this shower since we moved into this house in the early 90's. Can you?! YUCK. Since I've had some help here this summer with some remodeling projects I decided to tear this out once and for all. Funny thing is that the walls came right down super easy. Then I even got rid of them on KSL.

It took me a really long time to decide on what to do with the window (I had to shower in the basement). The old one was functional but cracked because a tree fell on the house. Replacing it in the future would be impossible so I decided to go new. But what kind?! I finally decided on this inexpensive 24x24 and it worked out well. Especially considering the electrical boxes on the outside of the house. We also got lucky and found a ton of siding to match the house on KSL Free during all of this.

After several trips to Home Depot we chose the Mosaic that looked best with the floor tile that we did a few years ago. I also studied many pics of showers with windows before I insisted we do mine with the trim around it. 

Here it is all done!!!! I still can't believe I suffered with the old one for so long. I kept the old knobs for now and replaced the spout since it needed a female connector to go with my new removable shower head on the slide bar. I fell in love with this style on the cruises. I absolutely love my new shower. 
**Pic above is panoramic, the tile is not crooked.

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