Monday, September 19, 2016

Hike: Buffalo Peak

 That is were we are headed! My first peak/summit and hike with Whitney (my niece). We brought Mick along too.

Buffalo Peak is accessible from Forest Road 027. You drive up Squaw Peak Road and turn left at the "T" toward Hope Campground. Keep going until you travel quite a while on a dirt road. You will see this peak off to your right. You can park in the small parking lot to your left or keep going up the road and park on the side of the road next to the fence (that's what we did). There is a split in the fence where the trail begins. The split farther to the south.

 The meadow was beautiful. Whitney swears that there were big ugly turkey's in the meadow when we were parking the car but I didn't see them.

Whitney was really enjoying the views. I swear she used up the entire memory on her phone that she previously cleared out before she came. I supplied her with a Camelbak pack which she also really enjoyed.

 One of the other views from the top of Provo and Utah Lake. You have to walk past all of the bushes to get the unobstructed view.

 Whitney and Mick posing at the top with Squaw Peak off to the right covered in red leaves.

Our peak/summit pics. Nothing fancy up there just beautiful views in every direction. 

 On the way back down. Too bad I chopped off the top of the mountain. Either way, you can see all of the colors.

I put Mick up on the rock. It wasn't quite a cliff so I wasn't too worried and he didn't seem to care to 
move. Not a great pic but oh well. The other pic is of a horny toad. I read when researching the hike that you may see some and was very happy that I did. I love toads. Too bad I wasn't able to catch him for a proper hello.

 A few more pics from the trail on the way back. It was so beautiful. This is a very short hike and is listed as family friendly but it does get steep and rocky.

A view of Buffalo Peak on the way back down the dirt road. It really did take longer to drive up there than it did to do the hike. I hope to go again in the spring.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Drive: Alpine Loop

I guess you can't tell just how high up we were. It was super windy and the road was windy. Ha ha. 

These last three pics (above) were taken where we stopped and walked down a trail for a few hundred yards. I am pretty sure we were facing east for the view of the mountains.

It was a beautiful day for a drive. Since it was a Monday afternoon there weren't that many people trying to run you off the road. We were able to take it slow and enjoy the view. I pretty much went 20 mph the entire way which is actually what you're supposed to do. I took these with my Canon Rebel Xsi instead of my cell phone like most of the other pics.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hike: Rock Canyon in the Fall

Since I had such a bad vibe from Rock Canyon in the past that has since been debunked I have been trying to get back up there. It's close and well populated so it's not so scary anymore. I still have a hard time with the fact that you have to hike to where the original parking lot was back in the day though. It really bugs me.

On a side note, I took the middle picture (above) to show the big rock face that I became one with back in the 90's. I went for an evening hike with a friend (people I barely knew) and we climbed up somewhere off to the right of that rock and repelled down in the dark (both faces so that's twice). I had been around repelling before but had never actually done it. This being my first time in the dark on a huge cliff that while repelling you couldn't hear the people above or below you it was a bit scary. Clearly I survived but still. I am thankful for being with responsible people even though I didn't know them.

This is the same day just a little higher in elevation looking back toward Provo. 

Up at the top where the campfire is I tried more of a 360 panoramic. Sad that I chopped off the top of the mountain over there though. This also shows the trail that continues to the Rock Canyon Campground. I have yet to go past this point. Soon.

 A closer panoramic of the same view as above. I believe that is Provo Peak in the distance. That's the mountain behind Y Mountain.

 See the trail there in the middle of the pic? This is on the way back down. The colors were breathtaking. This picture was taken facing north east I believe. I guess I should have verified with my compass (it's in my pack). Next time.

I guess this is the picture worthy bridge. Same one as above but in the other direction. The sun was going down fast.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hike: Timp Falls in the Fall

This is where the trail splits and you go to your left. I found out a few days later that the other trail "Lame Horse" leads to the parking lot at the top of Timp. No Thanks.

Beautiful fall colors through the Aspen Trees and a bluebird sky. I had to crop this one a little because I couldn't get close enough but this was what I was going for. It was so bright out though that I couldn't see that I was chopping off the tops of the trees.

 Another blind photograph. I couldn't see a thing so I hoped for the best and I sure got it! I love this pic. I took it while we sat on a rock eating our Subway Sandwiches.

On the way back down I was able to better capture the lower falls and of course, there's the token shot of the trail. I would like to hike all the way to the top one of these days using this route when I'm in better shape. Soon.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIY: Shower Remodel

Looking back I can't believe I put up with this shower since we moved into this house in the early 90's. Can you?! YUCK. Since I've had some help here this summer with some remodeling projects I decided to tear this out once and for all. Funny thing is that the walls came right down super easy. Then I even got rid of them on KSL.

It took me a really long time to decide on what to do with the window (I had to shower in the basement). The old one was functional but cracked because a tree fell on the house. Replacing it in the future would be impossible so I decided to go new. But what kind?! I finally decided on this inexpensive 24x24 and it worked out well. Especially considering the electrical boxes on the outside of the house. We also got lucky and found a ton of siding to match the house on KSL Free during all of this.

After several trips to Home Depot we chose the Mosaic that looked best with the floor tile that we did a few years ago. I also studied many pics of showers with windows before I insisted we do mine with the trim around it. 

Here it is all done!!!! I still can't believe I suffered with the old one for so long. I kept the old knobs for now and replaced the spout since it needed a female connector to go with my new removable shower head on the slide bar. I fell in love with this style on the cruises. I absolutely love my new shower. 
**Pic above is panoramic, the tile is not crooked.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hike: Lisa Falls

Another short hike to avoid traffic. This one is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon. On your way up the canyon you pull off to your left at 7.2 miles to get to the trail head. The hike itself is only .45 miles round trip and the trail is to the right of the stream but this one was a little rockier. When you get to the falls there are some pretty big boulders to get around to get a good picture. It looks like I need to revisit this one in the spring too.

Hike: Hidden Falls

Rather than sitting in traffic on the way back from Salt Lake City we took a detour to Big Cottonwood Canyon for a short hike to Hidden Falls. The parking lot is located 4.4 miles up the canyon and is on the inside of a hairpin turn. It's easy to miss so pay attention when you get close. Once you park you actually have to cross the road to get to the trail. It sure would be nice if there was a crosswalk to at least indicate to the cars that people are crossing. Nothing. Be careful.

The hike is a short .25 miles round trip and the trail is to the right of the creek. There is also an old mine entrance that I guess you could enter at your own risk but that's not my thing. The falls were small this time of year so I'll have to go back again in the spring to see it again.