Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hike: Bell Canyon Reservoir

This is the reservoir that you pass on the way to the Bells Canyon Waterfall hike. I didn't take a picture back when we passed it the first time so I thought I'd come back on my own. This was the first hike I did absolutely by myself on the way back from dropping my brother off at the airport. 

I actually drove a little ways up Little Cottonwood Canyon looking for the Lisa Falls trail head but never found it so I came back to Granite trail head and did this one again. It is a nice and easy hike and pretty well traveled so I felt fine doing it alone.

Because of my slight detour partially around the reservoir last time I wanted to go around it for real coming from the other side. Unfortunately, I did it all wrong. Again with the horrible trail markings and goat trails everywhere. I ended up in a bog and too close to the lake on the other side. I never found the bridge I almost crossed the last time. Whatever, I made it around, it was just a little annoying.

There were lots of hummingbirds and dragon flies and ducks and Canadian Geese around the reservoir. I captured this one stretching out or something. You can also see them in the panoramic pic above.

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