Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hike: Upper Provo River Falls

Okay, so this was more of a Sunday Drive than a hike. Upper Provo River Falls is more of a walk down the short path from the parking lot. 

It was the Fourth of July weekend and we had assumed everyone was off where they needed to be already. Turns out they were and they were up by Kamas with us. It was super crowded and there was even a friend of mine there at the same time but we didn't see each other. 

Pic 1: This one was the most difficult to get without anyone in the water because people were walking across the top constantly. I'm not sure how I got the shot. 

Pic 2: I walked down the path a little farther and since the path got a little steep I think it deterred most from going down. 

Pic 3: I went over the edge and down on the rocks.

Pic 4: I just thought this tree was cute.

After the falls we drove farther up the road to Mirror Lake. We didn't take any pictures because it was also too crowded because of the holiday.

Lily Lake: It was on the way back home. There was a lake on both sides of the road and apparently this one wasn't as popular. Lily Lake was on one side of the road and Lost Lake was much larger and on the other.

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