Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hike: Timp Falls

Hike #3 out of 3 using our 3 day pass to American Fork Canyon. Looks like I need to find and plan another 3 day hiking adventure.

I have lived in and visited this area of Utah since the early 90's and never realized this hike/waterfall existed. I had hiked to Stewart Falls several times and even hiked to the shelter almost to the top of Timp. 

Two shots above of what we thought at first was Timp Falls. Turns out it's just the first of what we were told after of four sets of falls. I should mention that I got a phone call not long before I got to the falls. I had a nice conversation (as always) with my long time friend Rebecca out in the middle of the woods. 

My brother hiked farther up the trail and then texted me to tell me to keep coming and that it was worth the hike. It really wasn't that much farther and was definitely worth it even though it was midday. I brought a lunch and had it on a rock near the mist.

This was hard to capture but the rocks were dripping and water was shooting off of them. This was to the left of the falls.

Beautiful. This was the 2nd set of falls. I look forward to finding the other two sets some day.

Lots of butterflies this summer. It's like they follow you around. 

You shouldn't be surprised that we took the wrong trail to the trail on the way up and the real trail on the way back. We didn't know that of course until we found this on the way back down. It's very gravelly though so the other trail we took was nicer in our opinion. This trail also goes all the way to the top of Timp.

This trail is/was paved at one time and so there is half of a paved trail in many spots making it quite the ankle twister if you aren't careful. Someone should really get rid of the old half paved sections. Otherwise this is a fabulous trail. I can't understand why I had never been before. I like it much better than Stewart Falls.

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