Monday, July 11, 2016

Hike: Silver Lake

Hike #2 out of 3 using our 3 day pass to American Fork Canyon. I chose wisely. A similar sign was featured on the Bells Canyon Waterfall hike in Sandy.

A few of the views along the way and my shoes. This was the first hike with the real (or close to real) hiking shoes. I did all of the other hikes in a very comfortable pair of almost worn out shoes but that beats blisters. These shoes were snug so my brother told me to walk them out wet which what I did the day before and it worked out great. No blisters and a much more comfortable hike.

First arriving at the top. It wasn't that dark, just went the wrong way on the panoramic and didn't feel like fixing it.

As you can see, this was a wonderful hike to a beautiful scenic lake. I definitely recommend doing it at least once. Unfortunately there were a lot of hooks and lines everywhere (not cool) since it is apparently a great place to fish.

Love this selfie of me in front of the lake. It was just chilly enough to have to wear my new to me orange Columbia windbreaker on the way down. There was a nice breeze. Again, a beautiful evening hike. We saw several people on their way up in shorts and t-shirts. Live and learn.

I was almost to the parking lot when I met a friend. Here's a little video. I could have gotten a better one but as you see in the previous picture I had taken a selfie and so the first video was of myself and not the deer. Oops.

By the way, you park at Silver Lake Reservoir to hike to Silver Lake. Here's a pic before we left the parking lot. Then there is the scary dirt road that I didn't mention until now. Scary as in powdery not quite two lane road (somehow people can pass each other) and cliffs. Yikes. I really loved this hike but I'm not sure I can outweigh that over the road to get there. That's why I said you should do it at least once. Maybe the road won't bother you.

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