Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hike: Horsetail Falls

There seem to be quite a few waterfall hikes that aren't mentioned on the majority of the websites that I find related to local waterfall hikes. I stumbled upon this one the other day and so we went for it. Unfortunately we didn't get started until 11:30AM. Luckily, it was a cooler day than usual.

This is Chipman Canyon? in Alpine, UT. You hike along side of Dry Creek which is anything but dry this time of year. It is a rocky/road like trail with a constant incline and you hike for 2 miles before you get to the sign (pictured below). Then, if you want to get to the falls you take a quick left off of the left trail down a steep hill to a single line trail that you have to somewhat blaze your way through until you get to the falls. We took that way back since we didn't know how to get to the falls we kept hiking up the left trail which lead us toward the top of the falls.

 Here I am.

Look! There it is! We're so close but yet so far. We took a little detour from the main path just off of this rock/overlook to your left. It was a much smaller rockier trail that ultimately met up with the main trail. You will also cross a few creeks.

This is the sign junction where you will go left and then left down the steep hill within a few hundred yards.  Notice how it doesn't mention what is to your left? I promise you there is a clear trail going in that direction.

This was the view from above the falls before I worked my way down without killing myself.

This was the view from down by the falls.

Here we are! There was a wonderful mist coming off of the falls. We hung out for a few minutes to relax and enjoy the view before heading back down. It took us about 3 hours round trip.

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