Friday, June 3, 2016

Hike: Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Nunn's Park to Orem

We decided to check out another section of the Bonneville Shoreline trail and had a little more time so I picked a longer section. We dropped off my brother's car at the Orem 8th N trail head located behind the cemetary and drove to Provo Canyon where started at the parking lot to Bridal Veil Falls. We went under the bridge toward Nunn's park, climbed over the stone barrier and caught the Great Western Trail (unmarked) to the gate that blocks the road which is pretty much the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (unmarked). I mapped it all online before we attempted this. This hike was about 6 miles and I think it only took us about 5 hours since it was pretty level once you got up there. 

Yikes! Actually, snakes don't bother me but I was hiking up the steep part of this trail, bent over to catch my breath and this was right there. 

This is a very bad picture of the view of Bridal Veil Falls from where we were. I took it to show how far up we were, high above the water pipe you can see from Provo Canyon.

This was a beautiful area below where we were at one point. We saw some people riding mountain bikes and waiting for a deer or elk and what appeared to be a camp. I'd like to go there and see what is there eventually. 

This is how they mark the trails here but you've got to hike several miles to find them. They are rarely at trail heads near civilization and the arrow and mileage marks on them are not usually there.

The trail was a dirt road or gravel road pretty much the whole way. My brother didn't like that but I didn't mind too much since the views were good. My feet didn't start to hurt until the last 1/4 mile and I have crappy shoes so that is to be expected.

That moment when I remember/realize I have the panoramic option on my phone. This view is from Provo to Orem.

Another sunset pic and my brother being stupid. We were almost finished and I kept blinding myself with my cell phone. 

Right before we were done I had to used the flash to light up this tree. Does anyone know what it is? It was super fragrant and smelled amazing.

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