Friday, June 17, 2016

Hike: Bells Canyon Waterfall

You can start this hike in two different places. We started at the Granite Trailhead just below Little Cottonwood Canyon. I recommend starting from this trail head vs. the actual Bells Canyon Trailhead over on Wasatch Blvd. since I came down that way. It was much steeper and rockier. 

I didn't start taking pictures until I got past the reservoir. No reason in particular that I can remember. 
Another thing I should mention is that I had taken a short detour on the other side of the lake hoping there was another way up the trail rather than the rocky road. I ended up going partly around the lake and I came to a bridge and a pump house before trail blazing on goat trails along the creek until I got back to the real trail. I found my brother on the other side of the creek sitting on a rock waiting for me. 

Later, after my brother ditched me (hiked at his own pace) I was confronted by a hummingbird. That was cool. I could hear them along different parts of the trail so watch for them if you do this hike in June.

Pic 4 (above): The seems to be never ending rock staircase to the falls. Very difficult in my opinion and it was also around noon on a very hot day. Luckily it was shaded but still. 

 I can hardly believe I made it! Check this out though, so beautiful. I love how this picture turned out.

A close up of the falls from down below them. There is quite a steep hill down to the falls once you get up to the falls.

 As usual, my brother went up and around to the top. He's pictured in this one in the upper right hand corner wearing an orange shirt.

A little selfie proof I was here shot...

Stepped back a little and was able to get a pic without anyone else in it before I climbed back up this hill you see on the right side. It was a well traveled hike. 

View from the top of Sandy City down below. 

Headed back down the rock staircase. Tried to get a pic of how long it is and this doesn't even come close in my mind. Tricky coming down too. It was a good work out and I'm glad I accomplished it. Turns out this was only the lower falls and there's an Upper Bells Canyon Waterfall in addition to the Upper Reservoir but I don't know that I will ever get there. We'll see.

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