Friday, May 20, 2016

Hike: Diamond Fork Arch

Since Dripping Rock was such a short walk we decided to check out the Diamond Fork Arch. To get there head east on Hwy 6 and then take a left onto Diamond Fork Road and follow it until you see the Red Ledges Day Use Area on your left. 

We thought that was more of a hike too so we got out of the car and hiked straight up through the rocks (not pictured) and I mean up. I don't recommend it since it was more of a climb and technically dangerous in some spots. I snapped a pic of the Cactus Flower (above) while I was up there. Initially, I was following my brother but then noticed he was at the bottom and I was at the top. 

As it turns out, the arch is located 170 ft east of the bathrooms via the gravel path so technically, this is not a hike even though we got one out of it. The info we found told us to go north so we didn't even look.

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