Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dog: Max Update

Max has been doing fabulous since the original Cancer scare/diagnosis back in January so I thought I'd do an update to let you know how great he is doing. The pic above is his napping position of choice. I guess he gets good airflow this way. It's adorable either way. He snores a lot and it's loud but we love him anyway. Other times he sleeps quiet as a mouse.

I didn't share these before because he didn't want me opening his mouth. I gave him time and now he's fine with it. I guess too many people were poking and prodding for a while there. Non-chew-able pills are out so he's on the actual Rimadyl which are chew-able. The lump may be a little larger now than in this picture but not much. This is a very slow growing (non painful) cancer. I'm thankful for that. We want him around.

Here's a cute close up of Max with his little brother Mick the photo bomber in the background. I had something he wanted hence the state of focus in his eyes.

Rolling in the yard as usual. He does a lot more rolling than he used to for three reasons. One is to rub his head/face, two it that we got new grass, and three is pre-potty. He always rolls before he poops. It's just one of his routines.

Back to the situation and keeping him happy and comfortable. As I said before in the original post, you would have no idea he has anything wrong with him other than seeing his snotty nose. This is because I pay close attention to him. The biggest side effect of Rimadyl*that I have found is constipation* and if you keep him regular then everything is wonderful. At first I was having to wake up every two hours at night for him to poop just a little and then I had a revelation. Soft food! I add only about a tablespoon to his morning food and he is now very regular. He sleeps through the night no problem now.

*What appeared to be pain was simply constipation. He would lift his head and gasp a little. It really looked like he was having trouble but he just had to go to the bathroom!!!!!!
*He tested for side effects and he passed.

We're going into month five since his diagnosis in January. First sign of snotty nose was around November of 2014. Max is 11 years old and he his happy and full of life. He still does all of the things a normal dog does.... good and bad.

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