Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hike: Slate Canyon Trail

First of all, we actually hiked a side route around this sign (not that it would have helped) so we had no idea how far this other trail head/split was.

We (my brother and I) just decided to explore this trail since it had newly been upgraded to an actually trail head entrance complete with parking lot, pavilions and a pit style toilet (no thanks).

Up we went, and up, and up, and up. This one is all up hill like Battle Creek but it seemed steeper and longer. I took several pictures along the way:


This hike had beautiful scenery (like they all do minus the occasional mattress?). My favorite part was that when you got to a certain point you could no longer hear the construction on the houses below and the interstate. You could only hear nature. It was silent except for the occasional birds, rustling lizards, falling rocks, wind, etc. It was so incredibly peaceful. I also love that this hike is so close to my house. 

I gave up after about an hour and turned back. My brother on the other hand kept going until he reached a meadow. I drove home to get a drink and let the dogs out and by the time I went back he was coming out of the canyon. Perfect timing. 

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