Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dog: Max Hematoma

Uh-Oh! Here we go again! Another hematoma and more bleeding from the eye. I thought it was the cancer moving again. It went down after a few days and I realized what was going on the next day.

I figured it out! Yes, the cancer is moving in that direction but it is not what is causing the hematoma. He is hitting his face on the underside of the counter when I am prepping his food. He is behind me but I noticed he didn't it again and remembered seeing him do prior to this episode.  I have since moved farther away from the counter when feeding.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Dog: Max Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas from Max. He doesn't fit in this chair and shouldn't be on it or the Christmas quilt but I look the other way.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hike: Rock Canyon

 My first ever winter hike. It was a beautiful day in the low 40's. I dressed in layers with a light jacket, wool socks and boots with rubber. I got a little warm and my feet stayed dry and cozy. Just my ears and cheeks got cold.

This was at Bridge 4. We found a friend so we decided to get a pic. Mick did very well. I kept a close eye on his feet and removed snowballs from between his pads twice. Boots are on the list.

We made it to our goal. Bridge 5 is my favorite because of the pines that stand behind it. I could have kept going but didn't want to risk it and chance having to carry Mick out. We met several other dogs today too and that was fun. 

Some of the beauty I took in. Super frosted trees below with clear mountains above.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dog: Max Misc. Pics

Here's a pic of nose and eye going at the same time. These days his eye drips more than his nose. It is messy but we deal with it. Lots of stuff is covered with blankets and it washes out.

It's hard to see some of the distortion in most pics because he's black and most of my decor is black to hide the hair. Here's an angle where you can see that his other eye looks like it sticks out farther. It is my believe that the mass has moved into the space where he had a very large molar removed before this all started.

He sleeps in some really interesting positions and moves from couch (or other soft item) to floor.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Dog: Max

The swelling above Max's eye went back to normal. Here are a few pics of him enjoying time outside. He loves to lay in the sun and then dig a fresh cool spot in the dirt (supposed to be grass).

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dog: Max - Eye Problem

Max woke up with a swollen eye and very irritated eye. It is hard to tell in the pic but the area above his left eye is quite larger than his right one. At his trip to the vet they did a scratch check (green eye) and then gave him a steroid. It seemed to help.

A week later after I got home from a night out I came home to something very scary. Dad was watching him and he began bleeding from his eye. I opened it a little to see the source and blood shot out at me like in a horror film. We thought for sure things were dismal but it continued to bleed out and turn milky and then became mucus like from his nose.

After waiting it out and watching him he continued to act normal. He just has a drippy eye and nose now.

On another note, I really like the Banfield. They didn't have any appointments available at our usual location so we were able to get one in American Fork. I can go to any Banfield. Max is on the Senior Wellness Plan.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hike: Rock Canyon

Logging just a few pics from a short hike. That is what I have really come to like about Rock Canyon. Don't get me wrong, I still hate that you have to hike through the scrub oak to get to the old parking lot. I think we only made it to the first fountain today and that felt really far.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hike: Squaw Peak

Mick, my hiking partner. We left at 4pm for Squaw Peak. This was taken along the Rock Canyon Trail. 

 I didn't take any pictures until I got to this point just before the meadow. It was quite the climb for me since I was pretty much doing couch to summit. I hadn't hiked for several weeks and possibly for lack of initial hydration my hip was bothering me. I pushed through though. I figured I would just go to the meadow but it was much farther than I expected.

 Finally! The meadow. So beautiful with the sun shining through. You can't even see that there were two tents over there by the sunlight.

Looking back at the trail and Buffalo Peak. The sun was going down but it was only around 6:30pm by then so I figured I might as well keep going. I made it this far right?!

 The previous two pics are of the view toward Utah Lake from two different spots on the way up. This last one is my favorite featuring the lake, Mount Timpanogos and Buffalo Peak. It was a beautiful evening.

Selfie in front of the flag (not too close) at the top of the peak at 7:15pm. My 2nd peak/summit.

Turns out from that last picture I was still about 10-15 minutes from the top at the rate I was going. I wasn't in a hurry since my hip was hurting but I should have been. As you can see the sun set fast! Ahh! I got up there with enough light to see just how high up I was and that I needed to hold on tight to Mick and lock his leash. I snapped a few pics like this to get a good one and got out of there fast. There was only a 50% charge left on my phone and I had forgotten my headlamp and spare flashlight. Big oops! We went as far as we could (just past the meadow) before I had to turn on the flashlight on my phone (no moon). It was all down hill but since this was my first time on the trail it was unfamiliar and I was slow since my legs were killing me. A few boys passed us on their way up just past the meadow but after that nobody until we got down to the Rock Canyon trail and even then it wasn't until we got down past all five bridges. Pretty much 3 miles alone in the dark. I was nervous but brave and Mick was afraid. I practically had to pull him. I had texted an acquaintance from the meadow but she didn't recognize my number and I didn't know until the fork. She met up with me for the last 1/4 mile. That was nice since my phone was about to die right about then. Thank you Julie C.! Lesson learned.

Tough hike and circumstances I put myself in but I'm glad I did it. The hike was 7 miles round trip. It took me 5 hours.

Turns out Mick's harness was pulling at the hair on is chest. It was all knotted up and caught in the straps. Poor guy. Time for a new hiking harness for sure.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hike: Buffalo Peak

 That is were we are headed! My first peak/summit and hike with Whitney (my niece). We brought Mick along too.

Buffalo Peak is accessible from Forest Road 027. You drive up Squaw Peak Road and turn left at the "T" toward Hope Campground. Keep going until you travel quite a while on a dirt road. You will see this peak off to your right. You can park in the small parking lot to your left or keep going up the road and park on the side of the road next to the fence (that's what we did). There is a split in the fence where the trail begins. The split farther to the south.

 The meadow was beautiful. Whitney swears that there were big ugly turkey's in the meadow when we were parking the car but I didn't see them.

Whitney was really enjoying the views. I swear she used up the entire memory on her phone that she previously cleared out before she came. I supplied her with a Camelbak pack which she also really enjoyed.

 One of the other views from the top of Provo and Utah Lake. You have to walk past all of the bushes to get the unobstructed view.

 Whitney and Mick posing at the top with Squaw Peak off to the right covered in red leaves.

Our peak/summit pics. Nothing fancy up there just beautiful views in every direction. 

 On the way back down. Too bad I chopped off the top of the mountain. Either way, you can see all of the colors.

I put Mick up on the rock. It wasn't quite a cliff so I wasn't too worried and he didn't seem to care to 
move. Not a great pic but oh well. The other pic is of a horny toad. I read when researching the hike that you may see some and was very happy that I did. I love toads. Too bad I wasn't able to catch him for a proper hello.

 A few more pics from the trail on the way back. It was so beautiful. This is a very short hike and is listed as family friendly but it does get steep and rocky.

A view of Buffalo Peak on the way back down the dirt road. It really did take longer to drive up there than it did to do the hike. I hope to go again in the spring.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Drive: Alpine Loop

I guess you can't tell just how high up we were. It was super windy and the road was windy. Ha ha. 

These last three pics (above) were taken where we stopped and walked down a trail for a few hundred yards. I am pretty sure we were facing east for the view of the mountains.

It was a beautiful day for a drive. Since it was a Monday afternoon there weren't that many people trying to run you off the road. We were able to take it slow and enjoy the view. I pretty much went 20 mph the entire way which is actually what you're supposed to do. I took these with my Canon Rebel Xsi instead of my cell phone like most of the other pics.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hike: Rock Canyon in the Fall

Since I had such a bad vibe from Rock Canyon in the past that has since been debunked I have been trying to get back up there. It's close and well populated so it's not so scary anymore. I still have a hard time with the fact that you have to hike to where the original parking lot was back in the day though. It really bugs me.

On a side note, I took the middle picture (above) to show the big rock face that I became one with back in the 90's. I went for an evening hike with a friend (people I barely knew) and we climbed up somewhere off to the right of that rock and repelled down in the dark (both faces so that's twice). I had been around repelling before but had never actually done it. This being my first time in the dark on a huge cliff that while repelling you couldn't hear the people above or below you it was a bit scary. Clearly I survived but still. I am thankful for being with responsible people even though I didn't know them.

This is the same day just a little higher in elevation looking back toward Provo. 

Up at the top where the campfire is I tried more of a 360 panoramic. Sad that I chopped off the top of the mountain over there though. This also shows the trail that continues to the Rock Canyon Campground. I have yet to go past this point. Soon.

 A closer panoramic of the same view as above. I believe that is Provo Peak in the distance. That's the mountain behind Y Mountain.

 See the trail there in the middle of the pic? This is on the way back down. The colors were breathtaking. This picture was taken facing north east I believe. I guess I should have verified with my compass (it's in my pack). Next time.

I guess this is the picture worthy bridge. Same one as above but in the other direction. The sun was going down fast.