Thursday, October 15, 2015

House: Basement Kitchen Tile

This first picture shows a lot. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture prior to this one. The floor was very uneven. It pretty much had a hole in it so after years of contemplation we finally got the leveling cement. That's the gray blob in the middle. Previous to that my brother chiseled it out to get it as level as possible. The leveling cement is pretty cool stuff. 

Here's some work in progress. Prior to the floor he also primed and painted the walls light green.

My turn! My brother went back to PA and so after the proper amount of time my dad and I finished up the job. Dad grouted and I wiped it down. We will add the baseboards in the spring or summer or someday.

It sure is an amazing difference and so funny that it's hard to remember how bad the floor was before the tile. Some day we'll get cabinets and a sink to make it a real kitchen but for now it is so much better.

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