Monday, February 16, 2015

Yard: Moving things around

This is the third move on the picket fence. Since I'm putting in the larger fence for the dogs and the garden wasn't working where it was I thought I's make a few changes. This past weekend I dug and set five post holes (one not pictured but posts have been swapped out) and cut and mounted the fence pieces all by myself. I am still swapping out a few of the slats and repairing the gate. This gate will keep the dogs away from the side gate to the front, hide the A/C and house bird feeders and herbs.

Here is where I moved the third move on the garden box. The growing trees were stealing my sun and I hope to have a great garden this year. You can also see progress on the yard fence and the outer area where I will put random plants and shrubs once spring comes. I borrowed the neighbor's tiller and went crazy last week. It was quite the work out and so is using the post hole digger. I am so thankful for this beautiful weather in February.

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