Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting Fit: Dietbet won

In January I weighed in at my heaviest ever and I decided it was time. I tried to lose weight and gained 3 more lbs! That day I also got an email from Dietbet. I had done 2 of them in the past and lost weight but not enough to win any money back. Based on the weight loss I was okay making the donation so I joined immediately.

I am happy to report that I lost the required 4% of my body weight and I won $41 (really just $11 since I paid $30 to enter). I simply tracked my calories using My Fitness Pal and got moving. I also want to make it clear that I have not deprived myself of anything and I think this has been the trick. I am okay with posting these pictures because I no longer look like either of them. They are a thing of the past and I am going to leave them there. I am finally at a place in my head where I would rather be active, comfortable in my body and my clothes and feel great about myself.

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