Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rabbit: Simba

This is Simba. I'm not a big fan of his name but then again, he's not my rabbit. He lives two doors down and the girl that owns him just lets him out every morning. She said that he escapes but I find that hard to believe. Either way he hangs out within 3 or four houses on the same side of the street and then he goes home each night.

He's quite a silly rabbit. One day he got in my back yard and it took me way too long to get him out. He would just lay down like this or with his legs kicked out straight back. It's like he was laughing at me. He also does a lot of kicks and flips and stuff.

On the night I took this picture I had decided to sit out on my lawn with him. He circled me several times before hopping across my lap several times. I am also able to pet him sometimes. I'm pretty sure he likes me and knows the sound of my voice.

The dogs are also getting used to him. I really hope they don't play too rough if they happen to meet face to face. So far it's just through the fence and Max is calming down.

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