Friday, August 15, 2014

Dog: Mending the Toys

After a somewhat recent post about Lamby and his leg I decided to finally tackle the toy hospital. Here's the before picture of all of the dirty injured toys. I toss them in the cabinet above the fridge until I feel like mending them. It has been years. My boys are very good at not tearing up their toys so these ended up here unintentionally. I make sure that none of their toys have hard pieces (usually eyes and noses).

It doesn't appear so in the previous picture but there were quite a few toys up there so I borrowed the recycle bin for a bit. Clearly something interesting was going on here.

Here's Mick waiting patiently and inspecting the toys. These are all new to him. It was Max that put them in the hospital due to poor construction or hearty play.

This is a sample of one of my quick fixes. I used a curved needle and some heavy nylon thread. Don't worry, I check the toys regularly so the thread won't be a problem any more than the original thread used on the toys and I can't have a defluffing or the toy ends up in the trash. Notice Mick watching me. This was what it was like the whole time.

Here's Mick again. He can't believe how many toys there are now. They have all been through the wash and put back into circulation. This is a pic of all of the toys. The boys regularly play with most of them. I put the toys back in the bin every day and I end up with a variety of toys each day though there are some favorites that I just leave out. Max taught Mick well. 

I'll call this the deer in the headlights look. He was so excited the entire time I was mending the toys. Decisions, decisions. Guess what, he fell in love with the hedgehog. He likes the squeaky ones the best.

PS. Lamby didn't end up in the repair bucket and is still without a leg. Both are played with regularly.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fish: Neon Tetras

A long long time ago I had a fish tank and it has been boxed up real nice in my shed since Fish (that was his name) died. He was a semi-aggressive fish but nobody told him that and he chose to live alone for 6 years. Recently I decided it was time to try again. Why not right? I've got everything I need but the fish.

After finally getting everything all set up I ran the tank for about a week without any fish. It's a good thing to do and besides that I wasn't going anywhere near Petsmart until yesterday when the boys had their teeth cleaned. My intent was to get Marco but he was gone so I guess that wasn't him. Until then these guys are fun and they have the tank all to themselves.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rabbit: Simba

This is Simba. I'm not a big fan of his name but then again, he's not my rabbit. He lives two doors down and the girl that owns him just lets him out every morning. She said that he escapes but I find that hard to believe. Either way he hangs out within 3 or four houses on the same side of the street and then he goes home each night.

He's quite a silly rabbit. One day he got in my back yard and it took me way too long to get him out. He would just lay down like this or with his legs kicked out straight back. It's like he was laughing at me. He also does a lot of kicks and flips and stuff.

On the night I took this picture I had decided to sit out on my lawn with him. He circled me several times before hopping across my lap several times. I am also able to pet him sometimes. I'm pretty sure he likes me and knows the sound of my voice.

The dogs are also getting used to him. I really hope they don't play too rough if they happen to meet face to face. So far it's just through the fence and Max is calming down.