Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dog: Becky

Meet Becky. My mom called earlier this week and asked me to look up what dogs were available at the local shelters. She said she woke up ready for another dog. I immediately found two. One was in SLC and the other was at South County so my mom went right over and found this. She said she fell in love at first sight.

We gave her a serious hair cut and a bath. She looks much better as you can see. The vet said she is under weight so my mom has since helped her to gain at least a pound. This is her tucked next to my dad on the big chair. She is very very small.  If you make a fist, that is how big her head is. She is full grown. I'll try to get a better pic next time I see her but for now, I wanted to make the announcement before too much time has passed.