Friday, June 20, 2014

Yard: Metal Detecting by Howie

Back when I started my excavation for the patio I found a few items in the dirt. Not long after that I happened to find an old friend on facebook and it turns out that one of his many hobbies is Metal Detecting. I contemplated getting the equipment and doing it myself but then decided that I'd be better off just having him come over. The photo above is what he found which is mostly junk. Prior to and after his search I have found even more junk as I sift through the dirt that I am moving back to the patio area because I dug down too far. I have found another key, the end of a bungee cord, more foil, twist ties and a variety of nails. 

Here are the good things I found prior to the official search. A Silver Winged Head Dime, a Utah Tax Relief Token and a Hello Kitty pencil topper. I think I win.

Now that we have all of the junk out of the way I may have him come back. If you live in Utah on an older property and would like to see what Howie can find in your yard just give me a call.

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