Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yard: In Progress

I have a vision of what I want my back yard to be and it all starts here. From the outer edge of the garden fence to the front of this picture I have dug out all of the grass and moved most of the dirt to the other side of the yard. The plants against the house have been temporarily transplanted to pots and will go outside the fence later. This area will be where I will have 12x12 pavers lined up to create a patio. I even have plans to hang up some patio lights and get a nice umbrella.  I have the stones hand have put about 7 down so far but hope to make much more progress this week and next during the beautiful weather.

Once the patio is in I will put up the rest of the posts (see this one in the corner?) to create a fenced in area for the dogs. Yes, the entire yard is fenced in but this will create a confined space just for them. It will go from the house there on the left to this corner post and over to the fence of grapes on the right. Outside of the fenced in patio and yard (currently on a treatment plan from Lawn Dr.) there will be about 6ft of space between that and the pavement where I can put in some landscaping and maybe some fruit trees. I already have a cherry tree thanks to the birds that I can move since they put it in a terrible place.

This is truly a DIY job and is taking forever. Some days I'm motivated, some days I'm not.

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