Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vacation: Cruise 2014

Carnival Breeze: June 1-7, 2014 with long time friend Rebecca. We took advantage of the single booking rate and we each got our own rooms. They were connected.

Here it is. My awesome room with a balcony that I had all to myself. I loved it! I really enjoyed sitting out there with a book. Especially on the night that it was storming out at see. There was a mild breeze and thunder in the distance. The only problem with the balcony is that it is hard to take pictures in the Caribbean because your camera fogs up when you go from the A/C to the 78% humidity outside.

Selfie from the balcony. I took a few and this one turned out so good that it is now my profile pic all over the web.

In Key West we did a Hop On Hop Off a Trolley excursion. We liked the tour guide so much that we didn't ever hop off because then you would have ended up with a different guide. I wish I had gotten off and waited for him to circle back around because I missed many photo ops. The beach was beautiful and you could climb the lighthouse. I'll just have to go back.

In Grand Cayman we walked to the 7 mile beach (mistake) then we swam a little and walked part of the way back before we grabbed a cab for only $5 for both of us. Oops! No pictures either. Rebecca probably has some on her phone.

Here's Rebecca pointing at our ship. She did a little shopping in Cozumel. We were originally going to go snorkeling but I had some allergy/head cold issues so we didn't.

Here I am on the ropes course. It was our second time since we didn't have our camera's the first. That's another ship next to us. We did this while in port. I can't remember which one but I assume it was Cozumel since we didn't visit for long.

This was Cozumel. My least favorite port but it made for a pretty picture. I didn't take as many photos this time and I regret it. For some reason I didn't feel like hauling the camera around and when I did the photo ops were missed. 

Some fun towel animals as usual left on my bed. A dog and an elephant. There were more but I only took pics of these two.

And last, the view from the top of the atrium. Do you see the four glass elevators? This was taken from the 11th floor. The Carnival Breeze was a nice ship.

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