Wednesday, May 7, 2014

House: Laundry Closet

This before and after makes me laugh. What a transformation! My dryer wasn't working right. I believe that the motor was going because it was having trouble tumbling anything more than socks and undies. I decided it was time to get a new set because the washer although working fine was leaking oil. After looking on KSL here and there I was lucky enough to find this immaculate set for only $250. I swear we weren't even sure they had been used.

Since the machines are so pretty they needed an updated space. I moved the dryer to the back lot and then the washer to the back step where it sat for a few days because there was no chance I was getting it down the stairs on my own. I smashed my pinkie on the doorknob just getting it out the door but it wasn't so bad. Then I tore up the newer old linoleum and flooring to make it even with the older old linoleum (another future project), pulled off the baseboards and painted them white, took down and tossed the blinds, took down the shelves I can't stand, painted So Saffron to match the kitchen and put the machines in place. My dad helped with the painting because he likes to and my brother installed the machines. The dryer required the installation of a new plug. I didn't even realize the possibility that it would be different than my outlet. He also fixed the scary outlet.

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