Sunday, March 9, 2014

Getting Fit: Treadmill

Several months ago I found this beauty on KSL. It was only $35 and I was determined to get it home and in place all by myself. The seller and his neighbor put it in my car and I got it out of my car and to the base of my back steps alone. From there I got stuck and was unable to maneuver it up the stairs. It was hard enough getting it that far and it was time to admit defeat. I put a tarp on it and got my friend's husband and my neighbor to get it into the house. Later Nathan said to Celia that he doesn't know how I got it as far as I did. Sometimes I'm just freakishly strong.

It had a bit of a problem with the belt. It would skip as if I was running and then slipped on ice. After researching it a little I lubricated and straightened out the belt. No more slipping for now at least. Now I need use it more regularly and I will be since I just joined DietBet. More on that when I start making progress. I'm pretty excited.

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