Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pittsburgh. ICV Trail

Yesterday I arrived in Pittsburgh. We went straight to Fiori's for my hoagie and then to the Giant Eagle for my water and doughnut before heading on to Champion.
This morning we went for a run/walk from point A to B and back which is approximately 2.4 miles total. We forgot to look at the time but I'm guessing it took us (me) just under an hour to complete. My goal is to do at least one 5K. I don't even care if it's official, just so that I can run/walk one in under an hour. Baby steps. It didn't stop there though, my PT (brother) also made me do an upper body workout and stretching.

Today was a lazy day for me (after the workout) and I'm totally okay with that. I found a bicycle in the basement and pumped up the tires. Tomorrow I'll go for a ride.

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