Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY. Sunflower to Seeds

Thanks to the birds I had a random sunflower in my garden. They also gave me a small stalk of corn but that was uprooted and didn't take. Back to the sunflower. I'm terrible at watering my garden so I believe it died early. Anyway, I can see it from my work station and decided to look up how to harvest the seeds. I found a guy on youtube. I can't find him again because there are tons but basically he said to let it wilt and when the back of the head turns yellow you cut it off and dry it out for a day or so (hard with all the rain lately). Then the seeds will practically fall right out. They did. Then you soak them in salt water or something and lay them out to dry. After that I guess you could roast them? I wouldn't know because I never got that far. The birds will get the seeds because Max decided to go for a dirty spoon that was nearby. He got caught up on the paper towel and was startled to get much more than he was going for. Seeds everywhere. Fail.

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