Sunday, September 22, 2013

DIY. Changing a Light Bulb the Hard Way

About a week ago the light bulb in my bedroom made a loud pop when I was turning it on and went out. It wasn't until last night that I finally decided to put in the new bulb that I finally got from the shed the day before.

This is what I found when I took off the globe. It had popped right out of the metal leaving it hanging from the socket. Nice.

After making sure the switch was OFF,  I pulled off the glass that was hanging by a thread, got some PPC Wooden Tongs (no longer available in the style I have sorry no pic) and put on some gloves. I know there are other ways to get the metal out of the socket but it was 11PM and this was my method of choice. I simply used the tongs spread apart to hold onto the metal and turn it out of the socket. It worked quite well. Done.

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