Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY. Antenna Switcharoo

I do not pay for cable TV. Years ago while deciding whether or not to switch to a different provider I decided to go the antenna route. I ordered the small antenna online for $99 and we installed it on the house. I get about 25 channels. As far as I'm concerned, the only ones I need. Besides ABC, CBS and NBC I also get KBYU, KJZZ, ION and MEtv along with several others.

Last week or so I noticed a neighbor had removed a larger antenna from their house while getting a new roof. I watched as it stayed on the ground with the junk pile and so one day while passing by I asked if they were throwing it out. Yes they were. Free antenna!

It had the exact mount as the one I had already so all I had to do was switch it out. That was of course after I switched out the cable cord which was too short (also a DIY). I got it all ready and then took it to the roof. Once the storms cleared I made the cable switches and took down the small antenna. Then I found out that I was too short to finish the job.

Later that day I happened to meet up with my friend Celia. She brought her family to the yard sales which I realized later was a great opportunity for me. I asked her husband to mount the larger antenna to the house. It took him just a few minutes since everything was all set up for him. Thank you Nathan!

Since then I have been on the roof many times trying to find the sweet spot to get my channels back and hopefully a few more. It has been bouncing back and forth between some good ones but not quite the ones I want. What I really need is an electronic rotating mechanism with a remote. In the mean time, I need another person to sit on the roof and move it until I get all the channels I want. Eventually. For now, I'm sick of going up on the roof just to turn it a little. I even tried using a compass but the coordinates I found are pretty general.

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