Friday, September 6, 2013

Bake. Cupcake Fun

I really do love cupcakes. It's a lot of individual cakes so you don't mess up a big one and when I say mess up I mean cut into not bake wrong but that's a possibility too. My thing lately is to fill them. I even have a fancy pastry tool that I've had forever.

My goal was to find something as close as possible to the filling on my favorite Angel Cream Dunkin Donut. Here is what I found and I actually really like it. I only used her Vanilla Cream recipe but I may go back and donuts later but I'll do that outside on the grill. There's a single unit on it where I can boil something so that I don't have that greasy smell in the house.

My friend Michelle did the icing. We colored it lavender (to use up the food coloring) and then put a little poof on top. It was actually way too much icing. Especially since the white cupcake was already sweet and filled with vanilla cream. Also, the cupcake was too fluffy and fall apart for the filling. I'm guessing that is why people add pudding to the mix. At least they're pretty!

Next time I will make the cupcake chocolate with vanilla cream filling and just a wee bit of icing on top. I also need an icing bag kit with fancy tips for the icing since my other contraption is full of filling which by the way is delicious and I could eat it with a spoon.

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