Friday, July 12, 2013

Tree Trimming

We have a very big tree in the back yard and when the wind would blow it would take down branches of all sizes. It was starting to get a little scary. Mostly I would just play pick up sticks... lots of sticks. I decided that it's time to get a trim.

So I called some tree experts and got some quotes out of the ones that chose to return my call and/or show up. This is the guy in the tree. It only looks like he's on the roof. Here is where you can see how much they took off.

And here is the after. You can still see the enormity of the tree. Remember how much they took off? A little silly looking at first and I always thought that topping trees was weird. Now I understand. Some need topped and some may be thinned. It depends on the type of tree. This was a topper. It should fill right back in. The tree to the right is the neighbor's tree which is also scary. They got a quote too and will hopefully be doing something soon. Oh, and there's a Weeping Willow directly behind this tree so it's not as full as it looks but they did leave a few branches for fill.

I used Provo Tree Company. The owner, Lee R. Senior really seemed to like my retro glider lawn chair. I just missed getting a picture of him in it. The 3 workers were great. They kindly left me the wood to burn or sell and they cleaned up very well. I recommend them.

Provo Tree Company
(801) 368-4811
Lee R Senior (Owner)

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  1. Lee and his crew are the ones who painted my house.