Thursday, June 13, 2013

Curtain Rods - Fixed

I have these curtain rods that sit on a hook and the curtains hang from the rod on the hoops and clips. Every time I would open and close the curtains the rods would slide and twist and end up like you see above. To the left we have a twist with a rogue hoop and to the right the rod has slid out too far. I decided I had had enough.

Most of these types of curtain rod set ups come with a screw that tightens the rod to the hook. These did not so I came up with a way to stop the constant sliding and twisting. Velcro! I even happened to have had the black in my stash. I simply cut the self-adhesive Velcro to fit the hook and placed it on the rod accordingly.

No more sliding and twisting! I actually added another curtain to this rod and raised it 5 inches so that the long curtains weren't touching the floor. I am so pleased with the results. Why did I put up with it for so long?! Done.

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