Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finding the Type 3 Me

Type 3 Necklaces
All my life (so far) I have never known how to dress or accessorize. I have always felt like a slob or a tom boy. I don't feel like anyone ever showed me the ropes and through my observations of others and trying to mimic them, I failed miserably because what looked good on them did not look good on me.

Lessons from my mother: Gold is bad, Navy blue is good. I think that is all I picked up from her.
Lessons from my sister: I observed her in the 80's. She is 5 years older than me and was tall and thin. By the time I might have cared, she had gone to college. All I remember is a lot of hair curling, super tight jeans and her high heels. Enough said.

Recently, my sister and I have found Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle. She dove right in but then had her moments of doubt (she is a Type 2) as we compared it with Color Me Beautiful from long ago. We learned that though there are a few similarities, there are more differences that we found comforting. I am a Type 3 and it explains a lot. It may be easier for you to determine your time using Carol's book It's Just My Nature. That's what I did.

Since I recently (within a year) gained a significant amount of weight (for me) it was time for me to finally accept it and get some new clothes. I was down to one or two items that fit and thought it might be nice to go out once in a while (ha ha) and actually look nice and not be wearing the same thing every time. With that and an upcoming vacation I was ready to revamp so I decided to take the plunge and revamp DYT style.

I signed up for the full online course (for a discounted price of $99) and got right to work. The first thing I did since I was waiting for my style card was to go get some jewelry. I was eager to get started. My type wears substantial jewelry that is Rich Gold, Bronze, Copper and Brass. No silver! My favorites are the necklaces on either end (photo above). I am still building my collection. Funny thing is that the dainty necklaces I used to wear always felt like they were choking me and I don't even notice these huge ones! I have already gotten rid of all of the old stuff or have it in a pile to sell.

Type 3 Watch
I also found this great watch at Plato's Closet in addition to the necklaces (except for one found on clearance at Wal-Mart). I always loved the rectangular face and now I know why. It just needed to be gold.

I am really enjoying all of this.

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  1. Nice. Carol should read this! Great testimonial of Dressing Your Truth.