Friday, March 22, 2013

Sony DSC-T1 Fixed

I have a Sony DSC-T1 that I had used for many years. I even dropped it on a cement floor at my Stampin' Up! Convention and cracked the LCD screen (replaced that too). At some point I got a Canon Rebel Xsi SLR and the pocket camera got put away. Partly because it started taking blurry pictures. I blamed it on the LCD screen fix I did. I thought maybe I did something wrong. NOT!

Recently I needed a video camera for a few things and the Sony DSC-T1 has one so I dug it out of my box of random electronics. It was dead so I charged it. Unfortunately, with a full charge there was no picture. The LCD screen listed menu items but the screen was black. This was the case on all 3 settings so I did some digging on the internet and found a tutorial on for replacing the CCD Sensor Module. I already knew how to take the camera apart so this was just what I was looking for. What they are calling the CCD Sensor Module is the whole thing according to this tutorial and that was about $40 to replace. I learned that I possibly only wanted to replace the actual CCD Sensor which is just one piece of that Module.

See, there is the CCD Sensor part that I paid $13 for on eBay. Shipping was even free! I had already put the camera back together so refer to the Fixit tutorial for directions. The CCD Sensor simply unscrews from the bottom of the Module and plugs back into the camera. Now my camera works!!! I hope I have helped you fix your camera with my clear description of the problem. I took a little risk and now you don't have to.

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