Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Good Spot for a Ladder

My tomatoes are out of control! Apparently I picked a good spot for the garden. Above you see 3 tomato plants,  a freebie from that farm store I can't recall, grape tomatoes and either an Early Girl or a Big Boy. I'm not sure. Could you imagine how big they'd be if I actually watered consistently?! It is 6ft from the ground to the base of the window.

After getting a little frustrated with the tomatoes smashing the pepper plants (also huge but thanks to a tip on Pinterest to put Epsom Salts on them) I decided to improvise. The ladder has been leaning against the house all summer but it was in the wrong spot so I moved it to the garden and draped the tomatoes over it.

You don't see any red tomatoes because I have eaten them. I love Cottage Cheese and fresh tomatoes from the garden with S & P.

Also, I don't recommend leaning a ladder on the house. In fact you should lock it up if it is stored in your yard. Otherwise, it's an invitation for a burglar.

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