Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Max and the Apple

I made this page on My Digital Studio 2 today after I decided to take pictures of Max eating an apple.

I especially love the picture in the center on the lower half where his face is scrunched and his spit is connected to the apple. Such focus.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Now that I'm back in UT I have been slowly unearthing things and going through them. Today I pulled out some pictures for my sister for genealogy and found this gem mixed in! LOVE.

This was my lap dog (or so he thought) Buster Brown. He was a German Shorthaired Viszla mix.
I will always miss him.

I took a picture of a picture and look how awesome it turned out! I need to pull out some more of him and put together a scrapbook. I think this was taken in the late 90's.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Garden Fence is Up!

Before, with the exception of that one spot that had been put up already. The old fence has been removed.

After. The old section was moved out about a foot to allow for my garden box. I need to be able to get around it and actually crouch down next to it. My brother used some wood that my dad was hoarding to make slats to match the old sections so there's half old, half new and half white, half natural. I kept the gate in about the same spot. Now I get to fill in all that space with cool plants and a pond!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hay Max!

Max LOVES to lay in the sun in the dead grass. Part of this routine involves rolling in it at some point. It has been a difficult thing to capture on film. Take a good look at his head. Usually his entire body is covered in dead grass and yes, he often comes in the house to shake it off. Lucky me.

He was very comfortable out there today and I was able to take several pictures. I even asked him to shut his eyes for the picture (because he looked up at me) and so he did. Love the grass going up his nose.

Also notice his new green and black color! Reflective.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Max!

The other day I realized that Max's 8th birthday was this month and so I finally looked it up this morning. Turns out it was 2 days ago on September 5th according to his records. We guessed a birthday because we found him.

Yesterday, before knowing it was pretty close to his birthday, I decided to brush him. I should do it more often because he actually likes it and he is sheds like crazy since it's so dry in UT. He gets fish oils when I remember to help with the problem.

Then I decided to vacuum him, he likes that too. He REALLY likes it. When I used the vacuum regularly and upright he doesn't like it so much but when I use the tube on him it's like I'm using a different piece of equipment. He also enjoys the hair dryer.

Happy Birthday Maxi!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Good Spot for a Ladder

My tomatoes are out of control! Apparently I picked a good spot for the garden. Above you see 3 tomato plants,  a freebie from that farm store I can't recall, grape tomatoes and either an Early Girl or a Big Boy. I'm not sure. Could you imagine how big they'd be if I actually watered consistently?! It is 6ft from the ground to the base of the window.

After getting a little frustrated with the tomatoes smashing the pepper plants (also huge but thanks to a tip on Pinterest to put Epsom Salts on them) I decided to improvise. The ladder has been leaning against the house all summer but it was in the wrong spot so I moved it to the garden and draped the tomatoes over it.

You don't see any red tomatoes because I have eaten them. I love Cottage Cheese and fresh tomatoes from the garden with S & P.

Also, I don't recommend leaning a ladder on the house. In fact you should lock it up if it is stored in your yard. Otherwise, it's an invitation for a burglar.