Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bench and Tables

I'm backing up a little with this first photo because I wanted to show the beginning of the bench. It is along the south wall and goes the entire length of the room to cover a cement ledge. Here's the framing. It's sturdy.

Now you're facing the other way and the floor is black, the wood is down and on and unpainted and the trim is off. I either forgot to take the bench picture in this direction or I meant to do it in the other direction. Oh well.

The bench is DONE. Painted, trimmed and baseboards attached. As you can also see in this picture, I got my tables. I started with different legs and they were not sturdy enough. A little too wiggly.

This will be MY work space. Clearly I have nothing to work with just yet. That is all still to be decided.

There are a few things still going on along the other wall so I'm still not ready to take a picture of the entire room. Basically there's still a lot of junk over there and the last piece of trim isn't up yet.

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  1. I'm ready! When is the open house? The first camp?