Sunday, August 5, 2012

Memories worth saving

I attempted a yard sale yesterday and made a whopping $1.25. I only sold 2 things. It's not that I didn't have good stuff. I think it was just bad timing and bad planning and ultimately that people are super cheap at yard sales (including myself). I even attempted to sell everything for $1 or less but at that point I had no customers.

When it came to putting everything away I decided to make a box for the car to be donated. I also made a box of stuff to sell online and immediately took pictures and posted for sale. As I work through these items I will reevaluate and donate accordingly but I don't see why certain things won't sell. They will, it will just take time and that I have.

There were 2 boxes left under the pile of yard sale stuff that were not yard sale related. One had calendars that I had saved for referencing specific events dated 1987-2009, the other has old photo albums. I read through most of the calendars and notes last night and the rest this morning only to find out that I was a dork. Only certain years were attempted to be journal like and I'm glad because those were the worst! I found out that I obsessed over boys that didn't even know I existed (c'mon, I was a teen), I wrote lots of letters, I liked quotes and I tracked my weight regularly, I didn't drink milk and rarely ate bread (and that I need an exercise bike in order to rectify any problems there so I'll be getting one ASAP).

I pulled out a few significant pages like when I got my first car, when I graduated from college the first and 2nd time (as if those aren't on the diploma), when we lost  Joshua (passed away), when we got Buster Brown at 6 weeks, I couldn't find when we lost Jodi or found Bridget, when we moved into the house on 800 east (August 29, 1993) and a few others. Overall, it felt good to throw these so called memories into the recycle bin. Watch out photographs, here I come. If I don't even know your name and I'm not in the photo, you're so gone. It's time to be selective.

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  1. I would venture to guess that is actually a picture of the memories you pitched?!
    Isn't it refreshing? To think we all have stuff like that waiting to be recycled!
    A work in progress... At least here it is...