Monday, August 6, 2012

Exercise Bike... Take 3

Over the years, I have used an exercise bike to work out with successful results. It started with the fitness center at Rick's College. I faithfully rode 30 minutes several times a week. Then when I moved to UT in 1993 I bought one where the arms moved back and forth. I eventually sold it because I got tired of having to move my arms in order to ride it. I replaced it a few years later with the recumbent style but came to find out that I had no desire to ride a bike while leaning back so I got rid of it when I returned from PA.

After reading all of the old calendars (previous post) and realizing that my exercise of choice and success is the exercise bike, I decided I need to get another one right away. It is large, sturdy, has a cup holder, a book holder and nothing moves but the pedals. Score!

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