Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Sitting

Mollie, Max and Dusty 

Today we have some friends over. Max really likes Mollie as you can tell by his nose touching move there in the photo. He's such a flirt. Dusty on the other hand is posing properly as requested.

Mollie is a very blond Golden Retriever and is about the same age as Max. She recently had a malignant tumor of the injection site removed. She has severe allergies and was getting injections regularly. They believe that they got it all out but we will see. In the mean time, she has cancer.

Dusty Dog (Double D) is our little mixed breed. He's our oldest at 14 and he needs another haircut.

Mollie and Dusty

My parent's dogs. It's hard to tell where one dog ends and the other begins. Funny. 

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